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MultiMat – Multi Talented
The Ideal Solution To Keeping Clean Outdoors!

Now You Can Put The Pleasure Back Into Outdoor Living ...
Stop Dirt In Its Tracks ... And Keep Sweeping To Its Barest Minimum!

If chores AREN’T high on your list of favourite things to do while holidaying – this will be the best news you’ve read in a long time!

NOW you can sit back and lap up the sunshine because this mat will do most of the housekeeping for you.

Originally designed for the Military as “Mobile Helicopter Landing Pads” in desert operations, these mats are unique in their ability in allowing dirt, sand and dust to fall through and NOT resurface!

Now if you’re like us your budget properly doesn’t stretch to owning a “Black Hawk” Military Helicopter, however if placed outside a tent, caravan, or anything else for that matter that you want to keep clean they are brilliant!

BETTER STILL: The Company that developed this technology – after having got the worlds military to pay for its development costs – is offering it to everyday people like you and I at a ridiculously low cost!

This mat will help to:

  • Stop dirt in its tracksbefore it’s trampled through your tent
  • Keep sweeping to its barest minimum – freeing up your time
  • Won’t rot or mildew – so you’ll never have to replace it
  • Won’t rip, tear, fray or absorb moisture – there’s no maintenance involved

PLUS due to its Rip Stop multi layered design – it’s virtually indestructible!

Whether you happen to put tent pegs through them or catch a burning ember, the mat will self seal and NOT unravel. Even petrochemical products won’t damage the it in any way!

What other product do you know off that can make such claims?

Let me answer that one for you – NONE!

The exceptional weave in this worldwide patent product will do what no other mat can, or even come close to!

It’s also:

  • Reversible – green one side grey the other and will go with any decor
  • Washable – with a hose and mild detergent
  • Compact – takes up very little space
  • Won’t deteriorate – being exposed to the sun
  • Has its own carry bag with handles – light weight and easy to carry
  • Is extremely robust – you can even drive over it
  • Won’t kill the grass beneath it

Other mats just can’t compete!

And with a list of uses as long as your arm why buy anything else?

Use it as:

  • Ground sheet – to protect and prolong the floor of your tent providing a barrier between abrasive surfaces, stop condensation from rising, make packing up quicker and easier
  • A mat – to keep your tent, caravan, house or vehicle clean and minimise sweeping
  • An awning for a caravan
  • A shower base for the bush
  • Privacy screen for your campsite
  • A windbreak – not just in camping but around pergolas, tennis courts, gardens etc.
  • Shade cloth – offering 90% UV protection
  • Beach mat –to keep the sand down
  • Picnic rug – no more damp backsides
  • A communal mat – for large outdoor groups, scouts, etc.
  • A clean mud free place to wash your dog
  • Tarp for a trailer – giving you a snug fit
  • Drop sheet – for road side repairs
  • An aid to get 4x4 vehicles out of a bog – used over a muddy surface it will help provide friction
  • Garden mat – to put your clippings and prunings on
  • A cover for a pool
  • Portable gazebo

And if you’re tempted to write this off based purely on price alone ...

Wouldn’t you rather buy something once,
have it work everytime and never have to replace it?

With a money back guarantee you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose!

Get it right the first time!

Working on your holiday is like having to do tax returns on your honeymoon – totally inconvenient and definitely NOT the way you envisioned spending your time!

So Grab Yours Today!

There’s only one thing worse than walking over a sandy gritty floor ... and that’s sharing your bed with it!

Need a different size?

This sale is for a 6 x 8 ft (1.8 x 2.4m) MultiMat, we have other sizes available in our Store. If you are after a size that we don’t currently have listed then just email us at . Alternatively you can call our customer service number on 1300 TCAMPER (1300 822 673). We can then put up a Buy It Now listing for the size you require.

Sizes and Pricing

Choose the size your require and then just email us for purchase details at . Alternatively you can call our customer service number on 1300 TCAMPER (1300 822 673).

Size feet Size metres Colour Price
6 x 8 ft 1.8 x 2.4 m Green/Green $145.00
14 x 8 ft 4.3 x 2.4 m Green/Grey $235.00
20 x 8 ft 6.0 x 2.4 m Green/Grey $305.00
10 x 10 ft 3.05 x 3.05 m Grey/Grey $225.00
Colour refers to the colours of the two sides of the mat.

Due to our quality control process we are able to offer a 14 day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee and a 12 month warranty on all our MultiMats. Please note this relates to manufacturing defects and not to transit damage which is covered by the optional (but highly recommended) insurance as described below.

Freight and Insurance

Free Pickup is available by appointment from our Hobart office near Cambridge. For other areas please contact us for a freight quote.

Insurance is available at a flat rate of $15 per item. This covers loss whilst in transit. Items are usually shipped within 1 business day of cleared payment. As the MultiMats are posted in individual stachels, combined postage discounts are not possible. Please make sure you provide us with a phone number for delivery arrangements.
Why buy from us?

We get immense satisfaction providing solutions that will give you the ultimate camping experience not something that's second best. Being campers ourselves we know how much pleasure this has given us, and we want this to be your reality too.

Nothing can beat the feeling of knowing a job is well done and that you've helped someone along the way.

We believe in treating others with respect, we will take time for you, and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Please give us a call on 1300 TCAMPER (1300 822 673) or email us for a response within one business day (or sooner) at

For more information about us and our products see our About Us page.
For more information about us and our products see our About Us page.

“Amazing customer service, great communication Thank you” Janita Jackson, VIC

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