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Turn Your Trailer Into A Holiday!

Get a FREE Annex and SAVE $747

BONUS Free Roof Cover (usually $330)

Bigger Isn’t Always Better
But Then Again...

Why Camp In a Confined Prison
When You Can
Live Like a King In a Palace?


Because we have you best interests at heart, it would only be fair to warn you: A “heightened sense of superiority” comes with owning something as incredibly striking as this! If you can’t handle being in the spotlight and treated as a VIP, then for the sake of your mental well being Please - Stop Reading NOW!

From little things big things grow” is an absolute understatement when it comes to the size of this. Who would have thought from something so compact could become something so enormous!

If you like having the biggest and best of everything this has YOUR name written all over it!

Magnificent to look at HECK YEAH!It’s almost criminal to call this a tent - the word mansion quickly comes to mind!

Although it doesn’t come with perfectly manicured lawns and the latest BMW in the driveway, with a beautiful scenic backdrop and some contrasting camp furniture out front, it’s going to look just as stunning!

With plenty of room and more space than you can poke a tent peg at, friends will be dropping hints left right and centre in the hope that you “might” be kind enough to invite them along on your next trip, not a chance!

Although if you like to gloat ... here’s the perfect opportunity!

Erection problems will be thing of the past

Our newly designed frame in the main tent allows for an easy set up of 12 minutes or less. Being fully sealed, mosquito proof and with most poles permanently in place, you can be assured of comfortable stay with minimum fuss.

This tent will suit a tailgate that opens to either the left or the right. Depending on what type of trailer you have (or the kind of set up you prefer) the annex can be attached to both the front and the back of the main tent.

If desired the annex can be partitioned in two separate rooms (ideal for the teenager who wants to have their own space) or be partially set up as an extra room with a covered veranda.

For extended families or those who like to make a lasting impression, this tent has got you covered.

And Consider This: Based on the opinion of others, if you bought this for the bed alone you’re onto a winner. How many campers have you found that have EASYaccess toBOTHsides of the bed?

V-e-r-y few!

And you might want to think twice before deciding this is too big for you, after all you don’t need to set up the whole kit and caboodle ... BUT what a great option to have should you decide to put friends or rellies up come Christmas time, or cater for parties and special occasions.

Buy NOW and You'll Get the Annex for Free

  • Self Supporting Tent with quick and easy two way fold out design
  • 18mm Marine Plywood Base with steel framing to accommodate most trailer sizes (6x4, 7x4, 7x5, 8x5)
  • Ideal trailer height 100cm to 110cm – Trailer not included
  • Total weight as packaged for shipment 181 kg
  • Brand New in Box - dimensions 231cms x 178cm x 21cm
  • Heavy Duty Grey Travel Cover 450gsm with Velcro and Zip - ensuring everything stays dry and dust free

  • Total tent area 37.1m² - plenty of room
  • Dark Grey Walls with Light Grey Roof
  • Waterproof - so there’s no threat of rain ruining your trip away
  • Heavy Duty 14oz Extra Tough Rip Stop Canvas - to resist wear and tear
  • All seams double stitched - for extra strength

  • Main Tent Area16.1m²
  • Main Tent Floor fully sealed and sewn in and extends up the walls 100mm for extra waterproofing- made from 450g/m² Grid PVC
  • Free Annex measuring 21.0m² - to extend your tent
  • Annex Walls in 2 separate pieces - easier to put up and versatile when it comes to choosing your set up
  • Free Dividing Wall with Door for Annex
  • Annex walls attached to Main Tent and awning with Heavy Duty Velcro
  • Annex floor attachable by Velcro
  • Removable Awning Roof which attaches with a zip and Heavy Duty Velcro
  • Includes spreader poles for the awning
  • Pole Seals to prevent insects getting in

  • Pegs and guys ropes included for adverse weather conditions, though not necessary under calm conditions
  • Stainless Steel D rings - to prevent rust
  • Water guide pad - to stop water pooling on the roof
  • Poles that fold out into the main tent with PVC lining underneath - to prevent canvas wear

  • King Size 80mm Foam Mattress with washable zip off cover
  • Extra PVC lining around the mattress - to stop moisture transfer
  • Removable privacy screen with U shaped zipper on each side of the main sleeping area - for additional privacy
  • Light weight ladder to access the bed with square rungs - better comfort underfoot
  • PVC mat under the ladder to protect the floor
  • Zippered opening at floor level in Main Tent for power cord access

  • Two trailer access hatches under the mattress
  • U-shaped zippered compartment to access the side of the trailer - giving you access to the trailer from inside the tent
  • Windows at the end of the bed open & close from the inside
  • Large side windows have eyelets and can be pegged out as awnings - two sets of poles are included
  • Mosquito proof netting on all doors and windows, monster zips on doors for extra strength
Features & Benefits
  • Tent comes mounted to a heavy duty marine ply base with framework to accommodate 6x4, 7x4, 7x5 trailers (8x5 with a few simple modifications) packaged in a heavy duty grey dust cover with a zipper and seals with Velcro to keep the dust and dirt out – keep this permanently packed and you have an instant holiday whenever you need it
  • 14oz rip stop waterproof canvas throughout – to keep you dry and cosy
  • A newly designed frame for an easier set up – two people can have this up in under 10 minutes, one person can do it in just over 12 minutes
  • The awning attaches with a zipper and Velcro flap. If you chose to put this up along with the main tent, you’d have a sheltered place to cook as well as a home ready to inhabit for those quick overnight stops
  • Tent comes with 1 FREE additional canvas annex with a wall in 2 separate pieces (floor included) - giving you another sealed area for use PLUS an extra canvas curtain to divide the room into two with a doorway to access both areas
  • A square rung stainless steel ladder – for extra comfort underfoot to access the bed area from either side
  • A comfy 8cm king-size mattress with a washable a cover
  • Added PVC around the bed area for extra waterproofing – drift off the sleep without the threat of dampness ruining a good nights sleep
  • 33sqm of usable floor space – equal to a standard trailer camper with double annexes but with less setting up involved
  • Access to both sides of the bed – so you don’t have to disturb your partner
  • A privacy screen either side of the bed – can be completely zipped up for privacy
  • Access hatches under the mattress to access the trailer
  • Access to the trailer from inside the tent - via zippered compartment beside the wheel hubs
  • Windows that open from INSIDE the tent either sides of the bed – so you can shut up camp quickly if need be without getting wet or lie there enjoying a panoramic view
  • Mosquito proof draw string sleeves on all exterior poles - to stop the sneakiest of mossies from getting in
  • All doors and windows have fine midge proof netting - most windows can be pegged out as mini awnings
  • All large windows act as double doors – less traffic congestion if you have a large family and helpful if you’re wanting to keep the sun or wind out of a particular area but want to keep fresh air circulating
  • A zippered compartment for a power cord to access - in the main tent
  • And last but not least storage pockets throughout to place those small items like torches etc.

So what do you think – 
Can you see yourself living it up in this?

Your trips away will have you so fired up you’ll be wearing a permanent grin for weeks.

How do I know this ...

Because we were grinning like Cheshire cats in awe of its magnificence doing the photo shoot. So I can only imagine the plastered smile on your face when you’re the one actually owning it!

But to tempt you even more
We’ve included FOUR FREE BONUSES!!!

  • Our FREE trailer installation guide - Explaining in detail some of the various ways you can mount this to your existing 6x4, 7x4, 7x5 or 8x5 trailer. If followed properly this will eliminate a lot of the guesswork, making it a project you'll enjoy doing. Valued at $30
  • Our FREE step by step illustrated tent set up guide - Written with the first time camper in mind (not the vague black and white piece of nonsense called “instructions” that comes in most packages) . Valued at $30
  • Our FREE eBook “Caring for canvas” - Explaining some of the ways you can maintain your tents great looks and longevity. Valued at $47
  • Our FREE tent repair kit - Patches for all the materials used in your tent, along with extra guy ropes and pegs . Valued at $54

And don't forget that FREE annex
saving you $747

That's a total saving of $908

Don’t forget that there is a 12 month warranty as well as a 30 day money back guarantee (more details below).

Now that’s pretty impressive if I might say so myself!

Why buy from us?
  • As a business we ensure our policies go above and beyond the requirements of the new consumer law so that our customers know they are protected. You can read our terms and conditions here. here.
  • NEVER assume that because a tent looks similar or identical to others on the market that they are the same - BIG MISTAKE! Not all manufactures work to the same standard and workmanship varies from place to place.
  • If something’s an absolute  “steal” you’d better know “why BEFORE jumping in with both guns blazing. Cheap as chips is fine ifthere’s a legit reason for it (cutting out the middleman, more efficient distribution, etc.). If you want cheap and nasty, sorry that’s NOT US. Quick fixes don’t compensate for LONG term satisfaction!
  • We only sell to the public what we’re prepared to use (and do use ourselves) if other sellers aren’t using their own products wouldn't you like to know why?
  • We treat all our customers with respect, there’s NO cold shoulder because it’s nearly knock off time.

You can call us on 1300 TCAMPER (1300 822 673) or email us for a response within one business day (or sooner) at

You might like to go to our Trailer Frequently Asked Questions Trailer Frequently Asked Questions page to find the answers to common questions. For more information about us and our products see our About Us About Us page.

It’s one thing to have a great product, it’s another to have excellent customer service and we pride ourselves on both! One at the expense of the other leaves a bitter aftertaste, robbing you of the pleasure that “could have been” had EVERYTHING been to your liking.

“Awesome tent trailer... very happy, extremely nice people
to deal with 10/10” Danial Lister, QLD
What Do Our Buyers Say?

"After a lot of shopping around for camper trailers, my partner & I decided on purchasing the camper top from TrailerCampers.

Not only were we impressed with the delivery time, but when setting it up at home we were amazed at the size and ease at erecting it for the first time! Even two of our neighbours (who have their own camper trailers from other suppliers) came to inspect ours, and both couples were very impressed as ours was bigger than theirs, had a better floor plan layout and it cost far less than what they had paid!

Our first camping trip survived a "mini cyclone", and the camper top stood up to the challenge, other than some minor issues with a few D-rings. After contacting Steve and Anne at TrailerCampers and receiving fantastic customer support, the problem was rectified immediately and we received replacement products. The service went above and beyond our expectations.

On many occasions other campers have stopped by to inspect our camper and we cannot speak highly enough of TrailerCampers and have recommended them to everyone who is interested in camping or purchasing a camper top. Superior product and superior service! Thanks Steve & Anne"

Mario Kyriacou & Rachelle Hinz, NSW

See our feedback page for more comments from our customers.

See our testimonials page for more comments from our customers.


Due to our quality control process we are able to offer an unheard of 30 day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee and a 12 month warranty on all our tents. Please note this relates to manufacturing defects and not to transit damage which is covered by transit insurance as described below.
See our terms and conditions terms and conditions for details

Shipping and Insurance

Free Pickup is available from our Moorebank Warehouse in Sydney. Pickups can be made from 7:30am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday.

Our tents are shipped to the nearest depot where you can collect them at your convenience. Depots are located in most major towns and regional centres. If you have a registered business with a forklift, then we can deliver to your door. Our major city depots are listed below, please email for depot details for regional areas.

Freight Cost Calculation

Your postcode:

Enter Your PostCode,
or Select A Major Depot For Freight Cost

 Insurance of $50 is included in the above freight charge to ensure you are covered for any loss or damage whilst in transit. Items are usually shipped within 1 business day of cleared payment. Please make sure you provide us with a phone number for delivery arrangements. 

Options For Your Tent

A second ladder can be purchased so that you have a ladder on each side of the bed. This additional ladder costs $80 if ordered with the tent, and there is no additional freight cost.

6008 Roof Cover 6008 Roof Cover Corner Close Up

A roof cover can be added to the cover the main tent and one annex. This has a silver finish and gives protection to the canvas roof from tree sap and animal droppings. The finish is easy to clean, and helps reflect the heat. The roof cover costs $330 if picked up or $360 if freighted with your tent.

To add any of these options to your order, please email us at 
So What Is Included?
  • Main Tent with Extra Tough 14oz RipStop Canvas - Dark Grey Walls, Light Grey Roof
  • Floor for annex that seals with Velcro
  • Skirt that covers the trailer tailgate
  • King Size 80mm Foam Mattress with surrounding PVC
  • Lightweight ladder
  • Privacy Screens on both sides of the bed
  • Pegs and Guide Ropes for adverse conditions
  • Water-guide pad to ensure water does not pool on roof
  • Eyelets on the end Window Covers so you can use them as awnings
  • Heavy Duty Grey PVC Travel Cover
  • Seals around the poles on the main tent
  • FREE BONUS 1: Comprehensive Illustrated Setup Guide written for the first time camper
  • FREE BONUS 2: Tent Repair Kit, just in case you ever need it
  • FREE BONUS 3: A copy of our full colour Installation Guide to show you some of the ways you can install your tent
  • FREE BONUS 4: Our new eBook Caring For Canvas, explains how to weather your tent and maximise its life and keep its great looks!
And the FREE ANNEX if you order today

These tents were selling themselves before we had the chance to finish the advertising - now it’s done who knows how long they’ll last?

Odviously you’d do anything to avoid disappointment, secure yours while you’re here - it’s a real downer seeing someone enjoy what could have been yours if only you’d acted sooner.

PS This will be one of the few times in your life you won’t mind people talking behind your back.

PPS Ever wanted to be secretly admired? ... Because your fellow campers will be more than happy to play the role of “paparazzi” to boast their photography skills and spin a yarn, making you the hottest gossip in town.

You can call us on 1300 TCAMPER (1300 822 673) or email us at

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Dimensions Dimensions Main Tent Pole Seal Inside Main Tent Main TentMain Tent With Main Tent With AwningWindow Opening From Inside U–Shaped zip to access trailer side Main Tent With Canvas Annex Inside Annex Inside Annex Inside AnnexCanvas Annex With Half Wall Removed Stephen & Anne Main Tent Main Tent Mario & Rachelle
Rachelle & Mario (above)
Their kids & friends (below)
Mario & Rachelle's Kids & Friends 12 Month Warrantee Sydney Pickup Available Delivered Australia Wide Main Tent with Annex Inside AnnexInside Annex Main Tent with Annex Main Tent with Canvas Annex