After a lot of shopping around for camper trailers, my partner & I decided on purchasing the camper top from TrailerCampers.com.
Not only were we impressed with the delivery time, but when setting it up at home we were amazed at the size and ease at erecting it for the first time! Even two of our neighbours (who have their own camper trailers from other suppliers) came to inspect ours, and both couples were very impressed as ours was bigger than theirs, had a better floor plan layout and it cost far less than what they had paid!
Our first camping trip survived a mini cyclone, and the camper top stood up to the challenge, other than some minor issues with a few D-rings. After contacting Steve and Anne at TrailerCampers.com and receiving fantastic customer support, the problem was rectified immediately and we received replacement products. The service went above and beyond our expectations.
During our camping adventures, we have had the room to accommodate our 4 kids and their friends as we now have the additional annex attached.  On many occasions other campers have stopped by to inspect our camper and we cannot speak highly enough of TrailerCampers.com and have recommended them to everyone who is interested in camping or purchasing a camper top.  Superior product and superior service! Thanks Steve & Anne.
            M Kyriacou & R Hinz, NSW

We love our Camper Trailer! It’s extremely well-made, easy to erect and the after-sales service was second-to-none. Its one of the best investments we’ve ever made and we call it our “motel on wheels!”
                B & J Betts, Queensland

I hope that you can see our great pictures. Your camper was so good that it survived very bad weather, big storms and winds of high speeds. We still enjoy camping with your trailer tents, my dad has built a trailer and we have enjoyed all our holidays so far. Thank you
                N Garavano, NSW (age 12)

We recently bought a camper trailer tent from TrailerCampers.com and we love it! It’s quick and easy to put up, extremely sturdy and has plenty of room inside to fit our family of 6. My husband and I had been looking for awhile at buying a camper trailer but then we found TrailerCampers.com. After buying a brand new camper trailer tent off them, finding a new 7x4 trailer to mount it on and supplying a few beers for some friends to help put them together it was a lot more affordable than buying it from a camping store new!  They also organized transport of the camper tent from Sydney to my husband’s work in North Brisbane for a really cheap price.
I would recommend (and already have recommended) TrailerCampers.com to anybody! They are in my favorite sellers list and we are planning on buying other products from them in the near future! Thanks TrailersCampers.com!!
                K Glock, Queensland

We bought a camper from TrailerCampers.com  around 12 months ago and couldn’t be happier with it!! We have done several short trips with it and are currently on a two month adventure along the East coast of Australia.
Our trailer camper has been in all sorts of weather, from very hot to bucketing down rain, and we’ve had no problems with it at all.
The quality of the trailer camper is a lot better than we expected to get for the price we paid and the customer service has been excellent. We would definitely recommend buying through TrailerCampers.com to anyone who is in the market for a camper trailer.
                D & J Tonkin, South Australia

We purchased our camper tent in November 2009 and are very impressed with the quality of both the materials used in the tent and the workmanship in assembling and sewing the canvas together.
The whole package, when erected, is very roomy and well ventilated. It seriously is a big Camper tent. Local manufacturers cannot come any where near the value for money and quality from what I have seen. Our tent cover was torn during transit through absolutely no fault of TrailerCampers. However, the proprietors quickly sent me a new replacement plus a couple of accessories at no cost.
We fitted the camper tent to our 7 x 4 high sided semi-off road trailer using struts and hinges readily available on eBay. We modified the trailer so that it is easy to remove the camper tent when the trailer is used for other purposes. Simple as.
If you want a great camper tent with really good service, then we suggest you give TrailerCampers.com a call.
                I & X Hill, NSW

Our family would like to thank TrailerCampers.com for supplying such a great camper trailer tent, we have had a lot of fun family trips at one of our favourite spots. The tent has been a great asset for our camping and has held up in some very rough weather and we would recommend the tent to anyone that wants to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. We like that it is so easy to set up and pack up so we have more time to sit down and relax and enjoy our holiday. Such a great product and very well priced compared to others on the market.
            The Lister Family, QLD

For a few years my husband and three girls used to pack the tent away and go camping. What a nuisance the tent was - time spent setting up, making sure we didn't get blown away in the process if there was the slightest of a breeze, all the silly poles trying to get them in the right slots. Then after a few hours and a few choice words it was time to enjoy our holiday... until the pack up.
My husband had enough, "there’s gotta to be an easier way," he said. He spent time on the computer researching camper trailers as he already had a trailer. Then he found TrailerCampers.com and couldn't believe the price, so he ordered everything. To this day we go camping all the time its sooooo easy now and we have a standard joke when setting up with friends: “Its as easy as whoosh-whoosh!”
We love our camper, thank you for manufacturing a great product.
            J Jackson, VIC

The camper tent is so easy to set up that it only takes the two of us a few minutes and we have it done. After viewing many camper tents online and in camping shows, I truly believe we couldn't have done better anywhere else. The workmanship on this product is extremely good and the cost to have this delivered to Western Australia was below half the price for us to purchase locally. I would have no hesitation in recommending TrailerCampers.com to anyone from a manufacturing, pricing and the delivery point of view.
            L & R Miller, WA

We are very proud of our camper trailer, all the kids love it and it doesn’t cost us a fortune to go away.
We just pack up the trailer, food and kids and off we go.
            N Tape, ACT

The trailer top tent has made life a lot easier as set up time has decreased and enjoyment time increased. Pull up set up and grab the back packs for a good walk and return to a comfortable bed secure from the elements. The efficiency in dismantling means a longer break at Macca's on the way home and less to unpack on arrival at home.
            D Dunn, SA

G'Day I bought one of these trailer tents, mounted it on my own custom trailer (very easy) and put it up in under 15 min first time. I have to say it rained on us for 11 days straight on Stockton Beach (Christmas holidays) and it stayed dry!!!! I couldnt believe what it went through, but I did hose it down before we went as your guide said. Thank you for a choice product.
            S Woods, ACT

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